Friday, August 13, 2010

"HUNT THEM DOWN AND KILL THEM!" - Former Police Superintendent Reneto Adams tells Citizens & Police to Kill Gun Men who murdered family of Eight last Night in Spanish Town

FORMER Senior Superintendent of Police Reneto Adams says that the gunmen who murdered eight persons in Tredegar Park, Spanish Town, St Catherine last night, August 12th, should themselves be killed. Without trial, without a day in court, just hunted down, found, no questions asked and killed! HUH!??

This is the very same man, who shortly after policemen were caught on tape shooting a murder suspect in Buckfield, St. Ann two weeks ago, spoke out against the killing and described the shooting as the most heinous and despicable act he had ever witnessed.

Reneto Adams
Jamaicans had long become essentially immune to news of murder except when the murders are particularly heinous or involves children. With a crime rate that is spiralling out of control and the distinction of being classified one of the countries with the highest murder rate, the public's reactions to murders, even double and tripple killings have become a bit blase`.

However, when Jamaica awoke this morning, Friday 13th to the news that a family of eight (8) persons in a community in Spanish Town had all been murdered by gunmen as the nation slept, shock waves rippled across the island. The incident came just two weeks after a policeman was caught on tape shooting a murder suspect as he lay writhing on pain on the ground after a brutal beating by the police. The damming evidence gave credence to long time allegations of a corrupt police force which killed innocent civilians at will and fabricated statements fed to the Constabulary Communications Network, (CCN) the information arm of Jamaica's Police Force which then passed the information to the media without seeking to verify the police's claim even when residents mount protests declaring otherwise.

Residents look on in shock at what was left of a house in Tredegar Park, Spanish Town after gunmen carried out an attack in the community on June 16, 2010. Eight Residents of the same community were killed by gunmen on August 12th at about 1am in what police describe as an ongoing feud. (Photo: Lionel Rookwood) Photo Courtesy of The Jamaica Observer.

Shortly after that incident, former member of the police force and former head of the now disbanded Crime Management Unit (CMU) Reneto Adams, in a video clip on national television, spoke out against the killing, labeling it heinous and despicable. Because of his usual tough stance on crime and the perpetrators of crime, persons expressed surprised that he spoke out against the killing by the police. Well they did not have to wait long for Mr. Adams to really be himself!

Reneto! Reneto! Reneto! Adams that is! What is wrong with you!!? With your less than pristine past in the police force which was overshadowed by several allegations of extra-judicial killings of innocent civilians, why are you now telling police and residents of a community in Spanish Town to take the law into their own hands and find the gunmen who killed an entire family of eight and killing them without benefit of a trial?

Mr. Adams was clear in his charge to the police force and members of the community where the shooting took place: ..."have them found and killed," he stated in an article in the The Jamaica Observer. "My policy and philosophy where criminal elements are concerned are that we are to identify them and treat them like the ferocious alligators that they are," he continued. "Kill them in the very eggs before they hatch; that is my charge to the police force, this country and the people," he told reporters during a visit to the crime scene earlier this morning. Read full article in the Jamaica Observer HERE .

As if Jamaica's human rights image isn't tarnish enough already! Mr. Adams! Seriously! For crying OUT ((LOUD!))  Shut upPP already! Jeez!


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