Monday, August 9, 2010

*NEW!!* The Facebook Unsubscribe BUTTON! ll AND A DRUG MANUFACTURER Warned over Facebook Marketing.

 The  Facebook Unsubscribe Button Gets Rid of UN-wanted Notifications From Story Feed.

Facebook! Facebook! Facebook! *SMDH* So Facebook creates an annoyance and a few months down the line, UN-creates it! Makes it go away! What am I talking about? Forgive me, but when it comes to Facebook and their random creations and UN-creations I tend to rant. For crying OUT ((LOUD!)) You created the annoyance in the first place! So what do you expect from your fans? The Innovator of the year Award!?  Streupsee!!

The Facebook "UNSUBSCRIBE" button! That allows you to UN-subscribe from a particular notification feed after you feel you REALLY don't want to be notified people are STILL commenting in a thread, long after the conversation stopped including anything in reference to you or your lone comment! Trust me! I have been annoyed by those things often enough! Especially when some random person tags me in a video or a photo that has NOTHING! to do with me! And I keep getting notifications that people I don't even know have just commented on a video or photo of me! I am like :*groan!!* why mmmeee!??! Read all about Facebook's latest UN-creation here: And start looking for that "UNSUBSCRIBE" button! LOL. I know I got a few things I want to UN-subscribe from, retor-ACTIVE-ly~~ LOL. One Facebook fan wrote in response to the post: "It always says “replied to your post” but they are hardly ever talking to me." *Ouch!* Believe me! I CAN relate!  

However, you probably won't see the much anticipated UN-subscribe button immediately. As usual, Facebook is doing a 'phased roll out of the feature.

 A DRUG Manufacturer Warned over Facebook Marketing.
AND in other Facebook news: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning to Novartis over the way it was marketing Tasigna, an anti-cancer drug. In a letter to Novartis sent on July 29, the FDA said the company’s use of Facebook Share was both incomplete and misleading.

An article in Bloomberg Business Week quotes the letter: “The shared content is misleading because it makes representations about the efficacy of Tasigna but fails to communicate any risk information associated with the use of this drug. In addition, the shared content inadequately communicates Tasigna’s FDA-approved indication and implies superiority over other products.” The letter also pointed out that Novartis did not fulfil its obligation to notify the FDA of the Tasigna promotion.

The Novartis application had apparently allowed Facebook users to share content by generating a link on his or her profile to the information with a brief description and a thumbnail image. It was the brief description of Tasigna that fell foul of the FDA.

An article on Facebook's Allfacebook Page warns: "If you plan to mix Facebook and drug marketing, you need to make sure you know what you are doing. Or you could land in trouble with federal regulators, like pharmaceutical company Novartis."  *Double Ouch!*

In response to the FDA letter, Novartis immediately removed the widget. A company spokesperson said they would discuss the FDA’s concerns with the agency and review its web marketing.

Hmmm ... a quick search indicated that Novartis has two (2) Face book pages. One Novartis Facebook Page had only 439 people before I joined, it was at 440 when I left, by virtue of me joining. The other had 110, and that jumped by one when I hit it.... a 'storm in a teacup'?? Or maybe not! Pharmaceutical, aka prescriptions drugs is serious business and THAT you can say: OUT ((LOUD!)) :)  

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